Our Responsibilities

The Code Enforcement Office is responsible for ensuring new construction meets all applicable City Codes and regulations. They are responsible for inspecting work in progress in the field for conformity with approved plans and the following codes: Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fire plus any additional regulations as necessary given the nature of the property uses. Safety is the primary function of the inspectors. New construction is typically checked several times during various construction phases to ensure construction is proceeding according to Code. Also, inspectors ensure the City’s site management requirements are met.

Need to know if your work requires an inspection – contact City Hall.

Planning and Zoning

The Code Enforcement Office is responsible for administering all planning and zoning-related matters for the City.

Department Responsibilities:

Who schedules an inspection? Whether it be the homeowner or the contractor, the person that initially applied for the permit is responsible for scheduling an inspection. You may schedule an inspection by contacting City Hall


The following downloads will familiarize you with some of the City building permit requirements and procedures. The permits are available for you to complete and return to City Hall.


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