Rides Mass Transit District

RMTD will provide affordable, safe, and accessible public transportation for all residents of the communities served by promoting independence, self-sufficiency, and economic opportunity.

Rides Mass Transit District is a federally funded PUBLIC transportation system. Service is available to ANYONE needing transportation. Rides provides door to door and established route service. The fleet consists of lift-equipped and ramped vehicles making the system fully accessible.

Besides our local residential and district scheduled route services, Rides schedules out-of-district trips.

In addition to our local residential and in district scheduled route services, Rides schedules out of district trips too.

To Schedule a Ride… It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Call your local county operation center.
  2. State your transportation need:
    where you need to be picked up,
    where you need to go,
    what time you need to be picked up and,
    if you need a return trip.
  3. The dispatch staff will schedule your trip for you.

24-Hour Advance Reservations Twenty-four hour advance reservation is suggested.