White Oak Park

White Oak Park is located east off of Moss Road and Route 1, approximately 1 1/2 miles, and is a beautiful park with white oak trees and others.

The City purchased the 10 acres of land in White Oak Park from Herbert E Morrisey on June 22, 1960. On the June 8, 1963, meeting of the Edgar County Fisherman’s Club, arrangements were made with Mayor Billy Quinn’s approval to construct a boat ramp for small boats in Foley Bayou and that 10 acres of land owned by the City of Paris adjoining the Foley property be cleared for parking cars and boat trailers. The members of the Fisherman’s Club accomplished this work. The work started in November 1963 and was completed by February 1964.

At the February 1964 meeting, there was a discussion of leasing the ground now known as White Oaks Park from the city and building restrooms. Trash cans were procured and placed in the park. The restroom facilities were completed in July 1095.