Sunset Park

Sunset Park

Located at West End Avenue and Andrew Street, Sunset Park is a 6-acre park with limited playground equipment, soccer field, basketball court, and picnic facilities. Sunset Park is well landscaped and has a beautiful area for picnics and passive enjoyment.

On December 14th, 1942, Horace Link, Paxson Link, and Dick Link purchased the land now comprising Sunset Park and deeded it to the City of Paris. The above donors also gave the needed funds to fill the area and landscape it, and purchase play equipment for the park, bringing it to its present condition.

The park is to be used solely and only for park and public recreational purposes. No admission is to be charged any time for any purpose.

That said, the park shall never be used for professional carnivals, fairs, shows, or any professional entertainment for private profit.

That the park shall not at any time be used or suffered to be used for the manufacture, sale or disposal of liquors, drinks or other beverages, nor shall a saloon be kept thereon, nor a building in which any person whomsoever, shall vend, sell, deal or traffic in any liquors, drinks or beverages.

The park is to be under the jurisdiction of the Paris Park Board.

Three additional persons living in the vicinity of Sunset Park shall be appointed to the Paris Park Board.

If any of the conditions are broken, the land reverts to the Link family or their heirs.

A plaque has been placed on a stone in the southeast area of the park with the inscription:

“Sunset Park 1942. This Park Was Given To The City of Paris by Horace Link, Paxson Link and Dick Link.”

Sunset Park Equipment:

A wading pool

2 shuffleboard courts

1 giant checkerboard hopscotch

1 turf basketball court

1 baseball diamond

12 large swings

7 teeters

2 merry-go-rounds

6 bucket type swings

2 large slides

1 giant stride

1 water fountain

1 flagpole

6 park benches

6 picnic tables

1 storage room

2 bicycle racks

1 shelter house 21 ft. by 42 ft.

The people of Paris and Edgar County deeply appreciate the generosity of the Links in establishing Sunset Park. Sunset Park has the room for expansion of many recreational activities.